Due to a law passed in 2017 during the recent Missouri General Assembly session, MORx program coverage (also known as Missouri Senior Rx) will be changing.

The law states that program coverage will expire for MORx members who have Medicare Part D prescription coverage and do NOT have Medicaid.  These residents are sometimes called “non-dual eligible recipients.”

This coverage paid for 50% of the prescription drug co-payment costs that remained after a prescription was submitted to the resident’s Medicare Part D prescription drug plan.

The last day these members can receive help with prescription drug co-payment costs from the MORx program will be June 30, 2017. Prescriptions filled after this date will not be covered by MORx.

Please note, individuals receiving Medicaid and Medicare (dual-eligible) members are not affected by this law and will continue to be covered by MORx.

If you have any questions please contact the Guardian Pharmacy of Missouri billing team at (866) 860-4179.